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Super Avana – a drug for the treatment of ED

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    Understanding Super Avana: Its Effects and Benefits

    Super Avana is a generic medication that combines the active ingredients of two drugs: Stendra (Spedra) for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) and Priligy for treating premature ejaculation. This article aims to address the most popular questions and concerns surrounding Super Avana, its usage, effects, side effects, and storage.

    The Active Ingredients of Super Avana and Their Effects

    Super Avana contains two active ingredients: Avanafil and Dapoxetine. Avanafil works by making erections easier to achieve and maintain, showing effects as quickly as 15 minutes after ingestion. Dapoxetine, on the other hand, helps control anxiety, tension, and excitement, delaying ejaculation by 2-3 times, with effects felt about an hour after taking the medication.

    How to Use Super Avana

    The recommended initial dose of Super Avana is half a tablet (Avanafil 50mg + Dapoxetine 30mg), with a maximum of one tablet per day. The medication should be taken with water and can be ingested with or without food. It is advised to avoid alcohol while using Super Avana, and doses should be spaced at least 24 hours apart.

    Potential Side Effects of Super Avana

    Like all medications, Super Avana has potential side effects, including headaches, facial flushing, nasal congestion, sore throat, back pain, drowsiness, indigestion, palpitations, bloodshot eyes, and vision changes. Users should seek medical advice if they experience prolonged or painful erections lasting over three hours.

    Precautions and Contraindications

    Patients with existing medical conditions or those taking other medications should consult a doctor before using Super Avana. It is not suitable for individuals with hypersensitivity to its components, and is not intended for use by underage males or females.

    Storage Guidelines for Super Avana

    To maintain its efficacy, Super Avana should be stored away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children.

    Super Avana as a Generic Medication

    Super Avana is a generic version of Stendra (Spedra) and Priligy, making it a more accessible option for those seeking treatment for ED and premature ejaculation.

    The Manufacturer of Super Avana: Sunrise Remedies

    Super Avana is manufactured by Sunrise Remedies, a pharmaceutical company known for producing generic medications.

    Table Summarizing the Information on Super Avana

    Active IngredientsAvanafil and Dapoxetine
    Effects of AvanafilAids in achieving and maintaining erections, works within 15 minutes
    Effects of DapoxetineDelays ejaculation by 2-3 times, effective within an hour
    Recommended DosageHalf to one tablet per day (Avanafil 50mg + Dapoxetine 30mg)
    AdministrationWith water, with or without food, avoid alcohol
    Side EffectsHeadaches, flushing, nasal congestion, etc.
    PrecautionsConsultation needed for existing medical conditions or other medications
    SuitabilityNot for hypersensitive individuals, underage males, or females
    StorageAway from sunlight and moisture, out of children’s reach
    ManufacturerSunrise Remedies

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Super Avana?

    Super Avana is a generic medication combining Avanafil and Dapoxetine, used for treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

    How quickly does Super Avana work?

    Avanafil in Super Avana starts working within 15 minutes, while Dapoxetine takes about an hour to show effects.

    Can Super Avana be taken with food?

    Yes, Super Avana can be taken with or without food, but alcohol should be avoided.

    Who should not take Super Avana?

    Super Avana is not suitable for individuals with hypersensitivity to its components, underage males, or females.

    What are the common side effects of Super Avana?

    Common side effects include headaches, facial flushing, nasal congestion, and more.

    How should Super Avana be stored?

    It should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and out of children’s reach.

    Who manufactures Super Avana?

    Super Avana is manufactured by Sunrise Remedies, a company known for generic medications.