About us

Inaccessibly high prices, coupled with deficient service provision and unreliable delivery mechanisms, form the primary barriers preventing individuals from accessing their prescribed medications. Addressing this issue head-on, our innovative application serves as a solution hub, facilitating the procurement of essential medications at affordable rates for entire families.

The TrustedTablets app emerges as a beacon of trust, offering a reliable avenue for accessing prescription medications at reduced costs, prioritizing the well-being of its users above all else.

Initiating substantial savings on prescription medications for your entire family has never been more straightforward. By simply downloading the TrustedTablets application, users gain access to an extensive database where they can effortlessly search for their required medications either by name, active ingredient, or medical condition. Streamlined categorization enhances user experience, while the application’s versatility shines through with its free installation, support for seventeen languages, and compatibility with twenty different currencies.

How To Install

When installing an application from alternative sources outside of the Google Play Market, users may encounter a notification on their device: “For security reasons, installation of applications from unknown sources is blocked on your device.” This notification is related to Android security, a critical component in protecting user data and device integrity. To make it easier to install apps from alternative platforms, users are encouraged to configure their smartphone settings accordingly.

Go to the smartphone settings menu in accordance with the device manufacturer’s recommendations.
It is important to note that the terminology and layout of menu sections may vary slightly between devices. Find the “Security” section or any equivalent section related to device security.
In a dedicated “security” section of settings, users must select an option labeled “Unknown Sources” or its equivalent, usually labeled “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources.” Make sure this option is set to ON.
Start executing the downloaded application from the installation package through the file manager interface, thereby seamlessly initiating the installation process.