Valif: A Trusted Solution for Erectile Dysfunction

Valif – a drug for the treatment of ED

Understanding Valif 20 mg: A Comprehensive Guide

Valif 20 mg, a generic form of Levitra, is becoming increasingly popular as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). Manufactured by Ajanta Pharma in Mumbai, India, it has garnered global recognition for producing quality non-patented medications. This article delves into the most common questions and outlines regarding Valif 20 mg, providing in-depth information for those seeking to understand its use, benefits, and considerations.

1) Valif as a Generic of Levitra

Levitra, known for its active ingredient vardenafil, stands as the second ED treatment developed globally. Created and marketed by Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd., it received approval and was launched in Japan in 2004. Levitra has been acclaimed for addressing the limitations of Viagra in various aspects.

What Makes Valif a Viable Alternative?Composition: Valif contains vardenafil, similar to Levitra, ensuring equivalent effectiveness in treating ED.Cost-Effectiveness: Being a generic, Valif is offered at a more affordable price point.Accessibility: As a non-patented drug, it is widely available and recognized internationally.2) The Concept of Generics

Generics are medications that contain the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts, ensuring similar efficacy and safety. They undergo stringent checks and trials by governmental bodies in each country, ensuring their reliability and safety for consumption.

Key Points About Generics:Reduced Development Time: Due to pre-confirmed efficacy and safety of active ingredients.Cost-Effectiveness: Lower prices due to shorter development periods and non-patented status.Safety Assurance: Approved for sale after passing rigorous testing.3) Active Ingredient: Vardenafil

Vardenafil, the active component in Valif, belongs to the phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor class. Its properties include:

  • Rapid Action: Solubility in water ensures a quick onset of action, approximately 15 minutes when taken on an empty stomach.Food Interaction: Less affected by food, with up to 700 calories meals reportedly having a minimal impact.Effectiveness for Lifestyle-Related Illnesses: Particularly effective for men with diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, and other related conditions.Premature Ejaculation: Considered highly effective for ED symptoms including premature ejaculation.

This section provides a comparative analysis of Levitra and its generics, presenting data in a tabulated format.

Comparative Table:ProductPriceDosageDrug FormEffect DurationOnset TimeIntake TimeManufacturerLevitra1117-1696 JPY20mgOrange Round Tablet5-6 hrs (10mg), 8-10 hrs (20mg)20 mins on empty stomach45 mins to 1 hrBayer Yakuhin Co., Ltd.Valif166-190 JPY20mgLight Orange Round TabletSimilar to LevitraSimilar to LevitraAjanta Pharma Ltd.Biltra156-248 JPY20mg, 40mgLight Yellow Round TabletSimilar to LevitraSimilar to LevitraCenturion Laboratories Inc.5) How to Take Valif 20mgTiming: Consume one tablet 45 minutes to an hour before sexual activity. Fast-acting, its effect can be felt about 15 minutes after intake on an empty stomach.Food Interaction: Less impacted by food compared to Viagra; a light meal of under 700 kcal can be consumed 30 minutes after taking it.Avoid Oily Foods: Oil in food can impede the absorption of active ingredients. Avoid oily meals like tempura or yakiniku on days of intake.6) Dosage (20 mg)Approved Doses in Japan: 5, 10, and 20 mg.Initial Dosage Recommendation: Start with 5 mg. If using a 20 mg tablet, divide it using a pill cutter.Monthly Maximum: 1 tablet (up to 20 mg) per day, not exceeding 30 tablets a month.7) Efficacy of Valif EffectEffectiveness: Valif, with vardenafil, rapidly dissolves in water for immediate impact.Duration: Lasts 5-6 hours for a 10 mg dose and 8-10 hours for a 20 mg dose.8) Side Effects of ValifCommon Side Effects: Include headaches, nasal congestion, stomach upset, dizziness, and hot flushes.Serious Side Effects: Rare but include hearing loss, arrhythmia, swelling, difficulty breathing, chest pain, and vision problems.9) Precautions for Valif UseChronic Illnesses: Avoid if using nitrate medication for chest pain or heart diseases.Age Restrictions: Not approved for men under 18.Medical History Considerations: Heart diseases, seizures, liver or kidney diseases, blood cell disorders, stomach ulcers, vision or hearing issues, etc.10) Purchasing Valif 20 mg Online

While not available in Japanese hospitals or online stores like Amazon and Rakuten, Valif can be easily acquired through personal importation pharmaceutical services online, adhering to Japanese laws and personal responsibility for medication intake.

Compatibility with Alcohol and Impact on WomenAlcohol: Limited to one light drink like beer or wine.Use in Women: Not intended for women. Alternative medications are available for female sexual dysfunctions.

FAQHow does Valif compare to Levitra?

Valif, as a generic of Levitra, contains the same active ingredient, vardenafil, and offers similar effectiveness and safety. It is more cost-effective due to its non-patented status and has global availability.

Can Valif be taken with food?

Valif is less affected by food compared to other ED medications. However, it is recommended to avoid heavy or oily meals, which can interfere with its absorption.

What are the common side effects of Valif?

Common side effects include headaches, nasal congestion, stomach upset, dizziness, and hot flushes, usually subsiding within a few hours.

Is Valif safe for everyone?

Valif should not be taken by men under 18, those with chronic illnesses, especially heart-related, or those on nitrate medication. It’s important to consult a healthcare provider before starting Valif.

How should Valif be stored?

Valif should be stored in a cool, dry place away from high temperatures and humidity, and out of reach of children and pets.

Can women use Valif?

Valif is specifically designed for men with ED and is not recommended for women. Alternative medications are available for female sexual health issues.

Is it legal to purchase Valif online?

In many countries, including Japan, Valif can be legally purchased online through personal importation services, with buyers responsible for their medication intake.

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